Case Packing

2021.07.21 / By Admin

In order to fabricate your cases properly and timely, reduce remake rate and shorten the processing time, please follow up these steps prior to package your cases:

  • To send us precise impressions. It has to be retaken if necessary.
  • To provide us detailed instructions with clear handwriting.
  • Drawings are needed if there are customized design requirement.
  • To send us stone models instead of alginate impressions if possible.
  • To make bite registrations with silicon material instead of wax if possible.

When packaging, please ensure that:

  • New boxes are better to protect your cases from broken. All previous markings and stickers needed to be removed if you choose recycled or reused boxes.
  • Disinfect all case materials. Wrap each model individually with bubble wrap or foam padding. Then place them in the bag and seal. It is much more importment for any wax up protection.
  • Additional bubble wrap should be added to fill empty space and help avoid movement or possible breakage during shipping.
  • Please separate the articulator if models remain on the articulator, and each piece should be wrapped individually and anchored in the box.
  • Loose crowns, bridges, implants parts and/or shade tabs are needed to be put in a separate small container or sealed plastic bag with patient’s name to avoid loss or breakage.
  • Any photos or slides that accompany the case should be placed in a plastic bag for protection.
  • In order to make sure that cases are not mixed up, please bag each case separately if shipping multiple cases in one box.
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